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The TMU Core facility center has established about 20 years. We aim to provide valuable instrument to the researchers based on the purpose of sharing resources, and keep establishing new instrument every year to provide novel research support. In the area of management, we has implemented an online reservation system since 2003. Users can inquire about the information and service status of all the instruments online. The users can arrange the experiment with the efficiency of the reservation. We build up a platform-unlimited new reservation system in 2014. The implementation of certification, payment and booking process could be done paperless. Furthermore, a cloud server was set in 2016 for users to upload their data independently with their own registered account. We held nearly 40 training courses yearly. Researcher can participate in the training course for free to obtain the latest information and the operation skill. We also establish online training courses for researchers to learn without regarding the time or place. The 300 MHz NMR was join the service of nuclear magnetic resonance mass spectrometer in 2012. It’s function include auto-shimming, auto-tuning and auto-matching. The operation becomes easier for user to scan hydrogen spectrum. We also established microwave digestor to inductive coupled plasma mass spectrometer service in 2016. The technician keep building up standard procedure for sample preparation, providing more diversified technical services. In 2017, we expect to establish new ICPMS and LC / MS / MS equipment to develop novel research method. For The technician join conferences every year to learn more professional technology and skill to keep updating their knowledge. Through discussion, technician can provide suggestion and further improve the experiment data for the users. The TMU Core Facility Center seeks to serve more researcher, improve the instrument usage effectively, build a good research environment, and provide the researcher an excellent research support to enhance the research energy.
Effective start/end date12/1/1512/31/16


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