Research of Biomedical Mg-Zr Alloys on Maxillofacial Reconstruction

Project: A - Government Institutionb - National Science and Technology Council

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There is significant promise in the field of biomaterials for Mg alloys that could be applied as orthopedic implants. However, it is difficulty in both controlling and assessing the corrosion and biocompatibility of Mg-based biomaterials for orthopedic applications. In this research, we added amount of zirconium to reduce the rate of biodegradation for magnesiun and fabricated the binary Mg-Zr alloys with the aim of making a novel Mg-based alloy for maxillofacial reconstruction materials. The experimental designs and parameters of binary Mg-xZr alloys are developed. The project is divided into three distinct phases to be completed over a three year period:  Optimization of manufacturing processes for Mg-Zr alloys using Taguchi method 1. To identify process parameters for as cast ingots of Mg-Zr alloys 2. Composition and microstrucure characterization 3. Mechanicl properties 4. degradation tests, including electrochemical measurements and immersion tests 5. Taguchi optimal analysis  In vitro biomechanical and biocompatible evaluation of novel Mg-Zr alloys for bone implant materials 1. Solid model constructions of jaw fracture with bone plates using RE and CAD. 2. In vitro loss of mechanical integrity 3. Cytotoxicity assesments, including cell culture, platelet adhesion test and antibacterial test  Animals tseting of bone implant contact and in vivo degradation test for developing maxillofacial reconstruction materials.
Effective start/end date8/1/157/31/16


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