Occupation Choices, Work Characteristics, and Career Success of Medical Technology Undergraduates from Gender and Generational Perspectives (K01)

Project: A - Government Institutionb - National Science and Technology Council

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The discipline of medical technology includes the basic and applied medical science and those trained in this field could be positioned as the professionals of clinical medicine, biotechnology, and medical research in the health care and relevant industries to enhance quality of health care and people health. To verify the academic outcomes of the 4-year undergraduate program of medical technology in Taiwan, this study is aimed to: 1) explore the occupation choices and the determinants of the medical technology bachelor graduates and 2) the gender role effects as well; and 3) explore the career success and the determinants of the medical technology bachelor graduates and 4) the gender role effects as well. Moreover, with the bachelor graduates of medical technology across age generations, this study is also aimed to testify the generational effects for all the models (i.e., 1~4) mentioned as our fifth study objective. This will be a three-year project with all the bachelor graduates from the program of medical technology in one medical university and the licensed medical technologists in health care organizations in Taiwan as study subjects. Self-administered and structured questionnaires will be developed to cover all the constructs in the study and the survey data will be collected through the mails or webs. The secondary institutional data of the targeted medical university will be supplemented for our study. Descriptive analyses and structure equation modeling will be performed.
Effective start/end date8/1/177/31/18


  • medical technology
  • clinical laboratory science
  • medical technologist
  • occupation choice
  • work characteristics
  • career success
  • gender role
  • gender egalitarianism
  • age generations


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