Motorcyclist Behavioural Patterns to Pedestrian Green Signal Countdown Device (Pgscd): a Mixed Logit Analysis

Project: A - Government Institutionb - National Science and Technology Council

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Literature has suggested that angle/rear-end collisions arise from the reality that motorists and motorcyclists tended to accelerate aggressively in response to the remaining seconds of green signal countdown device (GSCD). One safety concern, while GSCD has gradually been removed for the reason of road safety, is pedestrian green signal countdown device (PGSCD) that is used by approaching motorists and motorcyclists that may use the information to travel aggressively – an unintended consequence that is detrimental to safety. Research has reported that there appeared no negative effect of PGSCD on motorist behaviours although motorcyclists were found to violate red light more often and accelerate more frequently. Using video/speed cameras, the current research attempts to investigate contributory factors to three motorcyclist behavioural patterns (late stopping, red-light violation, accelerating) at well-selected PGSCD-controlled junctions in Taiwan. Mixed (random parameters) logit models will be estimated to capture potential heterogeneity across the observations. A better understanding of the influential factors will facilitate the identification of suitable policies/strategies that could further curb the risky motorcyclist behaviours, and in turn reduce accident risks at PGSCD-controlled junctions. Expected outcomes include that heavy-engine motorcycle riders may be more prone to have risky behaviours in response to PGSCDs
Effective start/end date8/1/129/30/13


  • Motorcyclist behaviours
  • pedestrian green signal countdown display
  • mixed logit model


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