Medical Humanistic View of Young Physicians: the Comparison of Taiwan and Indonesia

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Reviewing the literature relating the development of beliefs and attitudes of medical humanities, and the results of our previous research showed that the scores of attitude toward medical humanity of medical students decreased gradually year by year. When young physicians received more training at the clinical practice, the related positive humanistic attitude declined. During the transition, the transformation of their attitudes and behaviors related to the medical humanistic approach of medical practices become one of the most important issues needed to be concerned. The purpose of the proposed study is to investigate the medical humanistic view of young physicians who are going to pursue the career of clinical medicine, and the factors related to the development. This kind of research is vital when the medical humanity is gaining more value now all around the world. It is also important to compare the young physicians’ view of medical humanity across cultures. In order to examine the influence of different cultural context on the medical humanistic view of young physicians, the members of research team will go to Indonesia to survey the young physicians over there. We hope that the important information of the different cultural impact on the process of physician training will be make up by conducting the cross cultural comparison research .
Effective start/end date8/1/1110/31/12


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