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The trend is changed by a large number of low-cost computers, large-capacity computing power, and the rapid advent of network bandwidth. From the Internet to the WWW to Web2.0, the technology in addition brings impact on economic, social, and technological, but also on medical education about knowledge delivery globally and learning patterns. Currently, Social Network and Social Network are two of the most popular research topics. Many scholars start to take the affection of social network seriously. Wikipedia became the first choice when people need to look for information which they are not familiar with. In the medical field, ECGpedia is the typical successful example. There are more than 250,000 members from 188 different countries in the website. Moreover, the effect of data computing and transition improve the development of Gigapixel image presentation. For example, users can zoom in and zoom out on GoogleMap. The research team has being worked on this kind of search engine in past three years. For education purpose, students can observe slides by using a virtual microscope directly. This research targets to establish iSlide- Pathologist Online Discourse on social network. There are virtual microscope platform and biopsy diagnosis eLearning Center in the online discourse. All the physicians without experiences can learn from experienced experts. Users who have questions can search for help from others via this website. They can get assistance by thinking procedure learning model -scheme inductive and pattern recognition. In doing so, pathologists can discuss with each other through this platform. It also can improve the education and research development on this field.
Effective start/end date8/1/127/31/13


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