Investigation on the Improvenment of Solanum Nigrum and Paris Polyphylla for Inhibitions of Metastasis and Drug Resistance Mediated by Exosomes from Breast Cancer Cells

Project: A - Government Institutionb - National Science and Technology Council

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Recent studies show that exosome (which contains micro-RNA, specific protein marker, and enzyme) secreted by breast cancer cells plays important roles in the developed process of cancer metastasis and drug resistance, especially that different types of integrin carried by exosome will enter into different target organs like liver or lung, which phagocytosed by cells of target organ, affects micro-environment of target organ and attracts in situ carcinoma metastasis to target organ. In the course of chemotherapy, patients are often first resistant to drugs and then occur cancer cell metastasis. However, the change of exosome during chemotherapeutic drug treatment remains unclear, and whether other types of cancer have similar mechanism of metastasis need to be confirmed. We have found that Paris polyphylla and Solanum nigrum have potentials for inhibitions of proliferation, metastasis and drug resistance cooperated with chemo-drug as well as attenuation of side-effects caused by chemotherapy. However, whether Paris polyphylla and Solanum nigrum affect exosome from breast cancer cells to suppress proliferation, metastasis and drug resistance is unclear. We will study the therapeutic drug candidate base on the results and apply to auxiliary interpret and predict the appropriate timing for drug adjustment. In addition to determine the possible metastatic location of tumors in patients, the results of this study can also predict the optimal dosage of chemotherapeutic drugs and the timing to change other drugs according to different exosome markers, which can serve as a benchmark for accurate prediction and treatment in precision care.
Effective start/end date8/1/177/31/18


  • exosome
  • integrin
  • drug resistance
  • metastasis
  • Paris polyphylla
  • Solanum nigrum


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