Investigation of the effectiveness on Chinese medication safety promotion and education

Project: A - Government Institutionc - Ministry of Health and Welfare

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Taiwan is an environment where Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western drugs coexist. The purpose of this study is to design four lesson plans aimed for senior citizens and pregnant women using frequently seen problems in daily life to popularize the correct knowledge for medication safety based on five core concepts stipulated by the Department of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy: “stop, observe, listen, choose, and use”. In coordination with the 2016 annual Chinese medication safety e-promo project included 10 posters, 2D promo animations: “Buy the right meds” and “Go to a Chinese physician” and multimedia lesson plans, this e-promo project could be applied for speakers in Chinese medicine institutes, local pharmacies and Chinese herb markets. Using this innovative health promotion technique, 5 Chinese medication safety resource centres, community colleges, hospitals and postnatal care centres coordinated together to promote Chinese medication safety and correct knowledges, and summarize results with wrap-up presentations. Aim 1: Set up “Chinese Medication Safety Promotion Team” to design the outline and promotion strategy of our courses. Aim 2: Set up “Editor Team” to edit and prepare four lesson plans for senior citizens and pregnant women. Aim 3: Set up “Lecturer Team” to give our lectures and train the speakers
Effective start/end date4/28/1712/31/17


  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Chinese medicine medication
  • e-promo project
  • innovative health promotion technique


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