Integral and innovative researches of new biodegradable nanoporous complex applied on nasal packing materials

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The trauma and surgery could result to massive hemorrhage. Therefore, a highly porous biodegradable and multifunctional hemostatic sponge shall benefit hemostasis and wound healing. The purpose of this study is to improve wound healing through growth factors and cytokines within the blood by using hemostatic sponge to absorb this blood. The hemostatic sponge also serves as a scaffold to support regeneration of injury site. The blending of collagen/methyl cellulose/chitosan was used to prepare hemostatic cotton by freeze-drying method. As Collagen is one of the major components in extracellular matrix of human body, they attribute to tissue repairing, acid-base balance, water containing, electrolyte balance and other important physiological functions. In this process, Ling Zhi protein (LZ-8) was added onto the hemostasis sponge to improve/promote variety of different functions in immune cell proliferation and to regulate the healthy body’s immune system performance, as well improve wound healing. Strength, hardness and porosity of 3 group hemostasis sponge with different concentration, were determined and analyzed by response surface methodology (RMS), to find out the best concentration before producing. The methyl cellulose/chitosan hemostatic sponge is first mixed with different concentrations of methyl cellulose and chitosan, 3 mg/ml collagen and 1 mg/ml of Ling Zhi protein were added and evenly mixed. In the later process, 2.5% glutaraldehyde for cross-linking reaction is added to colloidal substances in frozen water to form ice crystals, ice sublimation and finally follow by freeze-drying method. The three-dimensional pore structure of the hemostatic sponge is study, and methyl cellulose/chitosan hemostatic sponge porosity up to 95%, with a high degree of plasticity and good vampire effect is analyze. In the study, the mechanical properties, physicochemical properties, degradation rate and biocompatibility of hemostatic sponges prepared in different proportions of collagen/methyl cellulose/chitosan were examined. An optical composition for hemostatic sponge was chosen and the LZ-8 was added for further animal study.
Effective start/end date1/1/1412/31/14


  • hemostatic sponge
  • methyl cellulose
  • chitosan
  • collagen


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