Infant Feeding Information in the Internet and How the Information Influences the Infant Feeding Behavior

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The Internet has become a vital source of information for nearly every subject imaginable and provides convenient and free access to abundant knowledge resources. Because infancy and childhood are critical stages in human development, optional nutrition is a substantial factor in ensuring that a child’s physical growth and well-being are positive. Therefore, numerous governments and medical organizations have suggested several infant feeding recommendations. However, whether parents can find the recommendations on the Internet is unclear. In addition, the influence of the infant-feeding information on parents’ infant feeding behavior needs further examination. This study proposes a 2-stage plan. The first stage will involve simulating how parents use the Internet to search for infant feeding information, based on the top Google search results provided by Taiwan-specific websites. The characteristics of the information will then be verified and summarized. The second stage will involve using an online survey to investigate how parents use the Internet to source information on infant feeding, their trust in such information, and how it influences their infant-feeding behavior. The results will provide an understanding of the quality of Taiwan-specific online information on infant feeding and the manners in which parents use this information. Additionally, the results will serve as a reference for enabling health professionals to assist parents and for establishing online information on child nutrition and health.
Effective start/end date8/1/157/31/16


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