Improvement of Poultry Breeding, Production, and Products

Project: A - Government Institutione - Council of Agriculture

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Improvement of Poultry Breeding, Production, and Products The long term goal in the project was aimed to increase the poultry production efficiency. Domestic chickens and water fowls are focued in the syudy, since they have an advantage in genetic origin in poultry production in Taiwan. In the year, studies were focused on specific objectives including 1. improving the reproduction performance of goose breeders, 2. genetic conservation and extension of Taiwan country chickens, 3. culture and conservation techniques of primordial germ cels of lMoscovy ducks, 4. development of microsatellite markers of Tsaiya ducks for germplasm protection and the relationship with economic traits, 5. analysis of domastic feather down quality and hygiene, 6. improving the cleaning process of prime washing step of feather down and storage stability and physical property of feather down products, 7. producing egg products by processing with Chinese herbs as functional food with some mertis such as antioxidation ability for comsumers.
Effective start/end date1/1/1512/31/15


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