Gender Analysis of Workplace Violence and the Strategy of Prevention among Medical Care Personnel (A02)

Project: A - Government Institutionb - National Science and Technology Council

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The amendment of the Act of Gender Equality in Employment and the development of gender mainstreaming have encouraged women to be dedicated to work, which may also increase the chance of women being exposed to workplace violence. This study aims at gender analysis on workplace violence in medical care institutions, intervention and effectiveness evaluations on prevention of workplace violence based on gender equality, and providing suggestions and guidelines. The project is planned for three years. In the first year, we will conduct a medical care workplace violence survey using a well developed (validity and reliability above 0.8 ) questionnaire by this study group. The gender-disaggregated data will be used to investigate the distribution of various types of workplace violence in genders and the contributing factors in medical care institutions. In the second year, a course and its material on prevention of workplace violence will be designed accordingly. An intervention project to educate prevention of workplace violence based on gender equality will be promoted in 3 hospitals. In the third year, the effectiveness of the project will be evaluated by comparing the experimental hospital with the control. The guidelines on medical care workplace violence prevention based on gender equality will be written according to the results on the gender analysis and the intervention evaluations. The gender analysis will improve understandings of gender on medical care workplace violence. The intervention will benefit gender equality and reduce violence in workplace. We expect to suggest feasible strategies for prevention of medical care workplace violence and to provide practical guidelines on medical care workplace violence prevention for the workplace’s reference.
Effective start/end date8/1/157/31/16


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