Explore the Critical Factors for Physicians Using Mobile Health by Information Systems Success Model.

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Currently, the emerging Information Communication Technology (ICT) has great impact on global people’s life due to its multi-functionality. Our daily work and life have significantly been improved by features of mobile devices such as usefulness and user friendly. Especially in medical care industry, mobile Health (mHealth) aligns hospital information system and wireless technology which convey update and complete patients’ data to physicians who could spontaneously deliver proper medical diagnosis and treatment to patients. Therefore, we believe that mHealth can enhance the quality of care and management of hospital effectively. Although many countries in the world aggressively develop mHealth to meet physicians’ clinical need, there only few hospitals were implemented mHealth in Taiwan, and the performances of mHealth were still under assessment. Thus, this study assesses physicians who are using mHealth in the region hospital of northern Taiwan. We develop the questionnaire based on DeLone & McLean’s Information Systems Success Model, and questionnaire would be distributed to hospital physicians following the validity and reliability tests. The collected data will be analyzed in descriptive and inferential statistics methods by using SPSS19.0 and smart PLS 2.0 software. The using and satisfaction of mHealth in hospitals physicians will be explored by system quality, information quality and service quality variables. Finally, we hope this study can provide solid information and enhance the success rate and satisfaction of mHealth for hospitals which are willing to implement it. The goals of this study are as follows: 1. To find out current status of using mHealth for hospital physicians. 2. To analyze hospital physicians’ perception of mHealth. 3. To explore significant factors of using and satisfaction of mHealth for hospital physicians.
Effective start/end date8/1/157/31/16


  • Mobile Health (mHealth)
  • Physicians
  • Information Systems Success Model


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