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Background: Along with the enhancement in health and life style in Taiwan, applying evidence-based medicine (EBM) or evidence-based healthcare (EBHC) to provide patient-centered care has gradually recognized by healthcare providers as well as the publics. How to strengthen evidence-based practice in healthcare workers and timely update knowledge are critical issues in promotion of EBHC. Objectives: This project aims to provide evidence-based electronic database of EBHC along with EBHC education programs. Through these multiple facet approaches, we expect to enhance the application of knowledge and skill in EBHC and systematic review for healthcare professions. Methods: We will continue using Cochrane Library, an international well-known evidence-based electronic database, as our intervention tool to promote EBHC in Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) and its affiliated agencies and hospitals. Multiple promotional interventions will be applied including educational activities, literature searching and EBM competition, and innovative EBHC poster designs. The strategies are to integrate EBHC knowledge and practice in continue education for all healthcare professionals and to enhance EBHC culture nationwide. Besides, we will assist collecting full-text articles related to emerging health-realted issues in response to the need of MOHW. Results: We expect to provide free Cochrane Library access for MOHW, its affiliated agencies and hospitals. Six basic/advanced workshops and an EBM competition among MOHW affiliated hospitals will be organized. Other multiple educational interventions such as call for innovative EBM scenario and appraisal experience sharing will be designed two times per year. To facilitate this project, we will host an advisory task force meeting to provide consultation for conducting project. In response to emerging health- and welfare-related issues, we will retrieve related full-text references and translate abstract to assist MOHW decision-making.
Effective start/end date1/1/1612/31/16


  • evidence-based health care(EBHC)
  • evidence-based medicine(EBM)
  • The Cochrane Library
  • evidence-based decision making
  • knowledge translation


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