Enhancing the mastering learning on badminton motor skills with cross-platform multimedia e-portfolio adaptive learning system

  • Hung, Hui-Chun (PI)

Project: A - Government Institutionb - Ministry of Science and Technology

Project Details


Relatedly, few studies have addressed technology assisted physical education. In our previous study as the pilot study for this proposal, the results indicate that mobile devices is helpful for motor skill learning on badminton. Therefore, in this project, we propose the cross-platform e-portfolio multimedia adaptive learning system to enhance the mastering learning on badminton motor skills. This project is a two-year project. In the first year, we plan to implement the cross-platform multimedia learning system and discover how to apply it to enhance badminton learning. The experts of physical education will be involved in this project to discuss the learning strategy and multimedia design principles. The effect of this system will be evaluated. In the second year, we will upgrade the system with the e-portfolio function. With the e-portfolio of each students, we can assist the various students on master learning for the purpose of adaptive learning. We will conduct the experiment for whole semester. The participants will be assigned to experimental group and control group. The experimental group will be taught with our system, while the control group with conventional teaching. We will find out the practical strategy for enhancing the mastering learning on badminton motor with the cross-platform e-portfolio multimedia adaptive learning system. Furthermore, we will try to promote our approach and system to different sport domain.
Effective start/end date5/1/174/30/18


  • motor skill learning
  • mastering learning
  • badminton
  • adaptive learning
  • cross-platform
  • e-portfolio
  • physical education


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