Development of Calibration Standard for Laser Scanning Super Resolution Microscopy( I )

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Point spread function is the most important characteristic of a microscope. However, measuring point spread function is a tedious process. In general concept, scientists have to prepare dilute fluorescent particles, such as fluorescent sphere with size around ~100 nm or independent fluorescent molecules, to measure the fluorescent distribution which would be regarded as point spread function of the microscope. Because the fluorescent particles are easily aggregate, the investigation of a single fluorescent particle is very difficult. Meanwhile, heat is hard to dissipate from a single particle after absorbing energy from the exciting light source. Hence, a single fluorescent particle is often photobleached before emitting reasonable intensity of fluorescence. Therefore, the measurement of point spread function is inconvenient and its process is unrepeatable by using traditional fluorescent materials. Recent studies have demonstrated that quantum dot is a promising fluorescent material in application of fluorescence microscopy. First, quantum dot has high quantum yield which will give us strong emission of fluorescent light. Second, quantum dot has high photostability to prevent photobleaching. Last, quantum dot has tunable emission wavelength to adapt for each excitation light source. Those advantages make quantum dot to be the best candidate for calibrating point spread function of a fluorescent microscope. In this industry-university cooperative research project, the development of superior, efficient and durable calibration standard for super-resolution laser scanning fluorescence microscopy will be investigated with the excellent structural design and optimal assembly. We believe that not only the point spread function for super-resolution fluorescence microscope will be demonstrated, but also we can put the super-resolution technique to tinier scale by applying correct algorithm in future. In industrial aspect, the whole world market of microscope will reach the scale around 5.8 billion US dollars in 2020. Since our technique can be used to accelerate the spread of super-resolution fluorescence microscope, confocal fluorescence microscope and even every kinds of fluorescent microscopes. Under visionary patent portforlio, we estimate that this calibration standard will create 10 billion Taiwan dollar output value. And it will create a market in software business with annually benefit around 50 million Taiwan dollars. Most importantly, the ultimate goal of this research project is to promote the good cooperative cycle between industry and academic societies, and to contribute to industrial upgrading for creating high profit margin business in our country.
Effective start/end date2/1/171/31/18


  • Super-resolution Fluorescence Microscope
  • Point Spread Function
  • Fluorescence Materials
  • Perovskite Quantum Dots
  • Calibration Standard


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