Development of a Sesquiterpene Lactone, Antrocin, as a Therapeutic Lead Compound and Its Nano-Enabled Form for Targeting Proneural-To-Mesenchymal Transition in Glioma Stem Cells

Project: A - Government Institutionb - National Science and Technology Council

Project Details


The completion of this study should provide preclinical evidence for Antrocin as a novel therapeutic drug for GBM and pave its way to clinical trail. Also, this study will shed important light on the signaling networks involved in GSC generation and immune escape.
Effective start/end date8/1/227/31/23


  • Glioma stem cells (GSCs)
  • antrocin
  • immune landscape
  • Proneural-to-mesenchymal transition (PMT)
  • nano-enabled precision medicine


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