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This project is for innovative orthoses. The aims of this project are to create a digital orthosis design and manufacture system and to develop customized 3D printing dynamic orthoses for lower limb. AFOs are widely used for correcting ambulation dysfunction due to ankle-foot abnormalities in stroke patients. Therefore, most of current AFOs are partially customized that can’t fit to patients’ limbs. Furthermore, commercial AFOs are just utilized for inhibiting abnormal postures and motions, but it is not utilized for neuro-muscular facilitations. The following unique advantages of innovated system and AFOs of this project: 1. Using 3D scanner and 3D printing technologies to manufacture customized orthoses. 2. Fixable Dynamic Assisting Device (FDAD) can provide neuro-muscular facilitations depend on the different conditions in stroke patients. This device can be added to the customized AFOs. 3. Increasing orthosis fabrication-speed and decreasing manufactured cost. In order to complete this project, the following goals will be done in three years: 1. Establishing 3D digital orthosis design and fabrication system, and fabricating AFOs by 3D printing tech. 2. Creating Fixable Dynamic Assisting Device (FDAD) which base on rehabilitative intervention. 3. Integrating 3D printing AFOs and Fixable Dynamic Assisting Device (FDAD) into 3D printing dynamic ankle foot orthosis and starting clinic trail. This project will be expected to meet the following achievements: 1. Accomplish a digitalizing design and fabrications system of 3D dynamic orthoses. The future development of this system can be utilized in any other custom-made orthoses. 2. Customized orthoses will allow patients to more rapidly adapt to and to improve ambulation ability by integrating neuro-muscular facilitation. 3. With establishment of 3D printed orthosis manufacture, customized orthoses will be more commond thus decrease medical expenses and social costs.
Effective start/end date9/1/1411/30/15


  • 3D printing
  • ankle-foot orthosis
  • dynamic assistive device
  • neurorehabilitation


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