Development and Application of Nanocomposite Absorbing Materials in Medical Electronic Devices

Project: A - Government Institutionb - National Science and Technology Council

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Nowadays electronic products are getting lighter, thinner, shorter, smaller, and multifunctional. Thus, electromagnetic inference has become an inevitable issue. Electromagnetic inference will not only affect the signal transmission but also induce inappropriate motion or damage of device. This is an extremely important issue in medical electronic devices, since it matters human health and life. Telegent Technology Corporation sells many high-tech medical electronic devices that may decrease the accuracy due to electromagnetic inferences. Especially Telegent Technology Corporation will keep getting more advance medical equipment. The electromagnetic inference should be minimized. In order to resolve the electromagnetic issue, we will develop the absorbing materials that are suitable for specific frequency ranges to minimize the electromagnetic inference and thus to resolve this issue in the application of medical electronic devices. The performance of RAM may be affected by the reflection loss, complex permittivity and permeability, and coating thickness. In the present study, the absorber (RAM materials prepared for the project or selected commercially available materials) will be mixed with binder and coated on the material to form the absorbing layer. Single layer RAM will be examined according to the frequency ranges of medical electronic device. Multilayered RAM will be designed to exhibit the best absorbing performance.
Effective start/end date11/1/1910/31/20


  • nanomaterials
  • composite
  • absorbing materials
  • medical electronic device
  • electromagnetic wave absorption
  • electromagnetic inference


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