Decellularized Plant Extracellular Matrices as a Scaffold for Tissue Engineering(2/2)

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Although the preparation of biomaterials porous foams has been widely used in tissue engineering, but the biological high-order structure and the porous morphology is artificial difficult to imitate, so the decellularization technology of allogeneic or xenogeneic animals is one of the active technologies developed in recent In contrast, the homogeneity of plant tissue is much higher than that of animal tissue but matrix biological activity is lower than the theoretical value of tissue structure and the decellularization efficiency is not easy to control and affect its development; Animal tissue, so the purpose of grant is will to additive physiological activity on the decellularized plant extracellular matrix by surface chemical modification, to reconstruct the animal tissue. This grant will be carried out in two years. In the first year, the plants will be treated by different decellularizing agents, supercritical fluids, and various physical treatments and drying, scanning electron microscope, porometer, and H&E staining was used to confirm plant extracellular matrix structure after decellularization. The selection of different types including roots, stems, leaves, fruits, and flowers. Of the sample structure will focus on the collection of a variety of different pore size in the plant extracellular matrix, and The samples should be included in the collection of isotropic pore type, pore with a gradient distribution or anisotropic type with alignment. And NIH3T3 were used to perform biocompatibility, cell adhesion and cell proliferation and other biological tests of the typical samples then. In the second year, chitosan, hyaluronic acid, poly-gamma-glutamic acid, gelatin, and collagen were grafted to the selected plant extracellular matrix to additive high Physiological activity by surface chemical modification. Finally, various primary cells were seeded to perform its availability. We expect these results could be applied to clinical medicine in near future.
Effective start/end date8/1/188/1/19


  • Tissue engineering
  • Decellularization
  • Plant tissue
  • Extracellular matrix


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