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Evidenced based medicine (EBM) is one discipline developed in the late 20th century. In a systematic literature review, the researcher used reproducible and explicit methods to identify, and appraise papers containing an explicit statement of objectives, materials, and methods, to identify the valid and applicable evidence for the question that he had raised, and then interpret the evidence. A good systematic review can provides large amounts of assimilated information and generalize findings and consistency (lack of heterogeneity) of results to relevant people and to help clinicians to practice based on good evidences. Conducting a systematic review of the scientific researches that treat acne with Chinese medicine will first help us to select the herbal medicine with best efficacy. Further mechanistic, toxicity and efficacy study of the medicine will then enhance our knowledge about the clinical usefulness of the medicine and may lead to the development of more effective topical medicine for acne. In the first year, the most effective Chinese medicine formula will be obtained based on systematic review of present available researches. In the 2nd year, development of clinically applicable topical Chinese medicine formula for the treatment of acne.
Effective start/end date11/15/1011/20/11


  • Chinese medicine formula
  • acne
  • Evidenced based medicine


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