Belongingness: The Mental Ownership Theory and Research Program

Project: A - Government Institutionb - National Science and Technology Council

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The main purpose of this three‐year project is to revise the Mental Ownership Theory (MOT) and to design a progressive research program. Conceptually, the project is divided into three parts: first, to glean what can be learned that is relevant to mental ownership from a decade (2000‐2010) of studies of self‐in‐the‐brain—studies that variously try to determine how self or self‐processing is realized in the brain. Second, to examine recent philosophical studies of self—especially those that, to some degree, engage the empirical sciences—to help with development of a minimal self construct that can both help explain mental ownership and that can replace the self‐as‐subject—self‐as‐object distinction. Three, based upon the first two years of conceptual work as well as on experimental and clinical work that will be conducted in parallel with conceptual analysis, revise MOT in such a way that it not only maximizes internal coherence but that it also engenders unambiguous predictions that can be studied in experimental and clinical contexts. MOT, three‐and‐a‐half years from now, should at least be able to provide a conceptual framework from which we can—in an integrated way—study experimentally induced illusions of body sensation, pathological disorders of body sensation and dissociation, and the role of self and mental ownership during sleep mentation.
Effective start/end date8/1/139/30/14


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