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Arthritic patients frequently used alternative and complementary medicine to alleviate their joint discomfort or to maintain the health of their joints. Pomegranate (Punica granatum Linne, Pomegrancace), a functional fruit was widely used for antioxidation, depressing the blood pressure and decreasing low-density lipoprotein oxidation and heart disease. Peels of pomegranate also was applied as an astringent, for eliminating parasites and as an antipyretic. In our previously studies, 70% acetone extract of pomegranate was rich in polyphenols (471.0±32.0 mg/g as gallic acid equivalents). The pomegranate extract (100 mg/kg) was given orally, inhibited the paw swelling of carrageenan-induced mice and reduced the PGE2 production in the serum level. Therefore, we suggested pomegranate was an anti-inflammatory substance and a potential natural resource for development as anti-arthritis drug. In the objective of the study, the anti-arthritis principal constituents of the pomegranate will be explored. We plan the project for three year. In 1st year The anti-arthritis principal constituents of pomegranate will be isolated, purified and structurally determined by a bioassay-guided method (PGE2 production from LPS or IL-1β induced human chondrocytes) in this proposal. In 2nd year 1. The relation between structures and activity of principle constituents will be discussed and the mechanism of the activity compounds prevention arthritis will be explored. 2. The pomegranates growth in Taiwan will be collected and the amount of anti-arthritis principal constituents analyzed. In 3rd year 1. Establish the purification and analysis standard operating procedure (SOP) of the anti-arthritis principal constituents of pomegranate. 2. The activity compounds will be tested in arthritis animal models, and toxicity in vivo will be identified.
Effective start/end date8/1/107/31/11


  • Pomegranate (Punica granatum Linne; Pomegrancace)
  • arthritis
  • human chondrocyte
  • nutritional supplement
  • arthritis animal models


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