Analysis the role of satellite cell during denervation induced muscular atrophy and a trail of transplantation of adipocyte derived myogenic stem cells.

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Despite the remarkable progressing of modern medicine, denervation induced muscular atrophy has been an important issue even today. Clinically, most of the patients who suffered from denervation induced atrophy have relied on rehabilitation treatment though its potential for functional recovery is known to be limited. In order to improve present situation, researchers have made their efforts on establishing a more efficient treatment for the disorder and this task could not achieved without a more thorough understanding of the mechanism of denervation induced atrophy. So far, the mechanism of atrophy induced by denervation was partially investigated but rarely from an angle of changes of myogenic regulatory factor (MRF) with satellite cell, a skeletal muscle stem cell. In this study, we focused on the changes of MRF with satellite cells during the denervation induced atrophy thereby to reveal the role of satellite cells in denervation induced atrophy. Besides revealing the role of satellite cells in denervation induced atrophy, our another goal in this study was to establish a more efficient treatment for the disease. To achieve our goal, we decided to perform a stem cell transplantation and this time we have chosen adipocyte derived cells as transplant source, due to its advantage in quantity and accessibility of obtaining. We hope our findings in this study could pave a new path in establishing a efficient therapy for denervation induced atrophy and eventually elevate patient’s quality of life.
Effective start/end date8/1/137/31/14


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