An Action Research Placing Taiwan as Asia Medical Professionalism Leadership through International and Cross-Generational Partnership: Proposing Medical Visions Based upon Doing Bioethics

  • Tsai, Duu-Jian (PI)

    Project: A - Government Institutionb - National Science and Technology Council

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    This three-year program project will build a trans three-generation learner-teacher cohort platform with an action-oriented learning partnership and environment development. This platform will integrate both interpersonal networking and information technology for the purpose of international leadership training based upon the health professional development experiences in Taiwan. Bioethics, community mental health, could-computing health application, regional development with smart technology and comparative appraoch to international professionalism are five component projects. Based upon partnership development, an e-learning platform with cloud computation function will be established to support service learning activities and collaborative curriculums in the first year. International collaborative manpower development framework with a training credit certification mechanism will be proposed in the second year. Finally a comprehensive assessment scheme with a manpower development collaboration framework will be designed to enrich a desirable Asian professionalism development model for the region in the third year. This program project will further provide a reform proposal for medical education on professionalism with global visions in Taiwan. The first component project is specifically for supporting a comprehensive bioethics education consortium with international collaboration for medical education and post-graduate academic pursuits. In addition to curriculum certification and credit sharing among different institutions, this project will support an e-learning approach integrating the four-topic approach to clinical ethics and the development of Situational Judgment Tests, SJTs, in order to enrich medical professionalism in different health professional training programs. An e-learning platform with the guidance function of using the four-topic clinical ethics approach and the SJT development will be established and tested in the first year. International collaboration for bioethics teaching at various academic levels with multi-language functions will be added to this e-learning platform in the second year. Finally, the collaboration of Taiwan with Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Asian Bioethics Association, and other international institutions in the clinical ethics case writing, SJT item development, curriculum design, as well as various performance and program evaluations will be supported by this IT platform in the third year. A management framework, sustainable business model, and strategic planning for further development in facilitate regional collaboration on bioethics teaching/learning in Asia will also be proposed.
    Effective start/end date8/1/157/31/16


    • learning partnership
    • e-learning platform
    • clinical ethics
    • SJT
    • international collaboration


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