A Revolutionary Approach for Disease-Associated Pathways Identification: from Genome-Wide Network Construction, Pathway Discovery, to Pathway-Based Analysis and Validation

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Since the day we were born, we have been afflicted with all kinds of illness and diseases. To reduce the pain and fear, all kinds of approaches to attack diseases have been developed. From the aspect of genetics studies, the researchers used to work on a couple of genes that might relate to diseases in all their scientific life. However, along with the advance of biotechnology, we are able to trace and monitor the alteration of gene expression (transcriptome) in a whole-genome scale. Further more, the chances are the approaches have been moved from individual gene studies to gene-gene interactions and even the gene network, as it is believed that genes are collaboratively functioning in groups instead of working by themselves alone. Therefore, pathway analysis has been getting more attention recently. However, the pathway analysis used update exists many unsolved issues, most importantly, it lacks the integrity of whole-genome regulated networks that actually reflect the gene reaction pathways. As we have been collaborating with the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)/National institutes of Health (NIH) for a long time, we both have determined to solved this complicated “disease-associated pathway analysis” issue together in next three year. Here in this study, we will ⑴ develop a regulatory gene network by combining each gene-gene reaction pair, (2) identify the shortest pathways from a whole genome network, (3) establish pathway analysis algorithms to calculate the full pathway expression value, (4) distinguish the disease and non-disease pathways by incorporating microarray data, and (5) validate the diseased pathways by experiments. The purpose of this pipe-line approach is to quest for disease-associated pathways and by unveiling the pathways, it will also provide a better choice for drug target in pharmaceutical industry in the near future.
Effective start/end date8/1/117/31/12


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