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As aging population continues increasing, to ensure appropriate long-term care (LTC) service provision is becoming an urgent concern. The LTC Management Center, established under the “10-year LTC Plan”, has established LTC care management, payment, service delivery with a single entry for LTC need assessment. To deliver care in an integrated manner is extremely difficult due to a fragmented and lack of integrated IT support. The tasks for this proposal: 1. Investigate and evaluate current LTC IT support in Taiwan. (1) To develop understanding of current IT use from consumers, providers and managers through surveys, onsite assessments, and expert panels. (2) To understand issues and challenges confronted in IT application, hardware configuration and digitalization. 2. To assemble a report on international LTC IT application models and multi-factor comparison analyses to understand IT applications and issues and challenges confronted by the consumers, providers and managers of various countries. 3. To develop an integrated strategic plan for Taiwan’s LTC IT system development, through (1) need assessment of consumers, providers and managers, priorities identified by experts to provide recommendation to Ministry of Health and Welfare on IT development and policies (2) quality indicators used as foundation of IT applications to support system integration. (3) develop LTC IT technology development and cost strategies. 4. To assemble LTC IT System Development Road Map to support 10-year LTC plan including current and future LTC services and future LTC insurance, incorporate identified need and priorities of consumers, providers and managers. The road map will assist the Ministry to effectively integrate resource allocation, stage development and support IT industry development in Taiwan. 5. Publish one or more articles on domestic or international journal. The topic is on current LTC IT use and strategic plan for LTC IT System Development in Taiwan. The outcome of this project 1. Report: Strategic plan of Taiwan’s LTC IT system development 2. Report: Need assessment of LTC IT applications in Taiwan 3. Report: International model reviews and comparative analyses on LTC IT applications 4. Publication: Taiwan LTC IT System Development 5. Report: Quality Index based on Electronic Medical record
Effective start/end date6/12/152/11/16


  • long-term care
  • information communication technology
  • requirement analysis


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