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Since Chinese herbal medicine is gaining more and more worldwide acknowledgement and attention, U.S. Food and Drug Administration has amended many regulations to meet the current trend of globalization of Chinese medicine. Taiwan has been built up a good fundamental research in respect of Chinese herbal medicine and western medicine. We are currently in the need of integration and collaboration with experts from different fields to develop future strategies with our unique advantages in promoting and expanding Chinese medicine into global market. The current project is to organize “international symposium for investigation and development industry trend and improving strategy of globalization of Chinese botanical medicine” to create a platform of information sharing and communication with the other professionals in various subjects, including the global trend of Chinese medicine development, international collaboration of strategic planning, the R&D of Chinese Medicine using modern technologies, and new drug discovery and development. Our goals are to understand the current status of herbal industry and development trend of Chinese herbal medicine followed by interaction with experts around the world. During the time of this proposed project, we will invite different parties from academic institutions, industries and regulatory agencies to have “international symposium for developing Chinese botanical medicine”. We will evaluate our current status and challenges of Chinese botanical medicine in Taiwan, and propose promising directions of Chinese botanical medicine development, executive policies and management strategies to face the global challenges. On behalf of Taipei Medical University, we will have various topics of presentations by invited international experts. Based on their previous experiences, we will develop future goals from our standpoint and promote Chinese herbal medicine internationally.
Effective start/end date12/10/1410/31/15


  • Chinese botanical medicine
  • internationalization
  • globalization


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