(100SB205)The Resource Center Project from the Joint Biorepository of Taipei Medical University Affiliated and Alliance Hospitals

Project: A - Government Institutionb - National Science and Technology Council

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Three respective physical bio-repositoris in the three TMU-affiliated hospitals (Taipei Medical University Hospital (TMUH), Wan Fang Hospital (WFH), Shung-Ho Hospital (SHH)), as called TMU joint biorepository (TMU-JBR) have been formally established in June, 2010 under one consolidated Research Information System (RIS). The bio-repositories are managed by a unified Bio-repository information system (BrIS) established by biomedical informatics specialists of TMU. The BrIS is specially designed based on the standardized workflow for good quality specimen collection for translational medicine research. The Center for Translational Medicine in Taipei Medical University (TMU-CTM), founded in 2009, aiming to power up research in translational medicine and targeted to construct a consolidated information infrastructure based on the clinical information of one university and three teaching hospitals play a cooperative role to participating the operation of TMU-JBR and promotion of research activities for translational medicine in TMU. TMU-JBR has currently collected and stored close to 20,000 specimens (to September, 2011) including tissues, blood and body fluids from a variety of cancers whereas 367 cases and more than 10,000 tubes of colon cancer and breast cancer are the dominant disease type. As playing a resource center role in NRPB, this project aims to extend the services of TMU-JBR and the specimen collection. To improve the quality of specimen and generate value-added specimens such as DNA extraction from buffy coat, tissue microarray and tumor cell lines for translational research will be the main goal. In addition, this project will set up a centralized comprehensive information system-Research Information System (RIS), which governs all the relevant clinical information, risk factor and family history and follow-up information of the specimens collected in TMU-JBR and a bio-information management platform that contains data of proteomics and genomics derived from analysis of bio-samples. TMU strives to set up a top-notched resource center for translational medicine research.
Effective start/end date12/1/113/31/13


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