MOESM1 of Determinants of arsenic methylation efficiency and urinary arsenic level in pregnant women in Bangladesh

  • Shangzhi Gao (Contributor)
  • Md Shafiur Rahman (Creator)
  • Li Su (Creator)
  • Brent A. Coull (Creator)
  • Pi-I Lin (Contributor)
  • Marc Weisskopf (Creator)
  • Quazi Quamruzzaman (Contributor)
  • David C. Christiani (Creator)
  • Yu-Mei Hsueh (Creator)
  • Mahmudur Rahman (Creator)
  • Golam Mostofa (Contributor)



Additional file 1: Table S1. Quantiles of adjusted urinary arsenic concentrations (U-As) (Îźg/g creatinine). Table S2. Determinants of the proportion of arsenic metabolites in urine in mid-to-late gestation (visit 2). Figure S1. Scatter plots of DMA% and gestational weeks for all mothers. Figure S2. Correlation between adjusted U-As at visit 1 and visit 2. Figure S3. Association between unadjusted U-As and urinary creatinine at visit 1 (top) and visit 2 (bottom).
Date made available2019

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