Characterization of Gene Expression in ASS1-Deficient Breast Cancer Cells

  • Fuming Qiu (Contributor)
  • Xiyong Liu (Contributor)
  • Jinghong Xu (Contributor)
  • Shikha Gaur (Contributor)
  • Hang Zhang (Contributor)
  • Shu Zheng (Contributor)
  • Yun Yen (Contributor)
  • Jian Huang (Contributor)



Analysis of mechanism underlying the metabolic effects of ADI-PEG20 at gene expression level. The hypothesis tested in the present study was that ASS1-deficient breast cancer cells would be arginine-auxotrophs and would therefore be sensitive to arginine starvation. Results provide important information of the response of ASS1-deficient breast cancer cells to ADI-PEG20-treatment, such as the suppression of mRNAs encoding mitochondrial respiratory chain proteins. Total RNA obtained from ADI-treated, or ADI- and L-arginine-treated 231 cells compared to untreated cells.
Date made available2014

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