Additional file 4: of STAT3 exacerbates survival of cancer stem-like tumorspheres in EGFR-positive colorectal cancers: RNAseq analysis and therapeutic screening

  • Po Nien Liao (Contributor)
  • Bi Ling Yang (Contributor)
  • Yi F. Chang (Creator)
  • Chun Chia Cheng (Contributor)
  • Ken Hong Lim (Contributor)
  • Chun-Chao Chang (Creator)
  • Ying Wen Su (Creator)
  • Huan Chau Lin (Contributor)
  • Ya Wen Chiang (Creator)
  • Ai Sheng Ho (Contributor)
  • Yu Cheng Chang (Creator)
  • Jungshan Chang (Creator)
  • Caleb Gon Shen Chen (Creator)



Figure S3. Higher levels of PDGFA are associated with overall survival in patients with CRC in the database PROGgeneV2. (TIF 226Â kb)
Date made available2018

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