Additional file 2: Figure S2. of A rapid and quantitative method to detect human circulating tumor cells in a preclinical animal model

  • Wen Shyang Hsieh (Creator)
  • Chia-Hwa Lee (Contributor)
  • Li Chi Huang (Contributor)
  • Wei-Ming Chi (Creator)
  • Yi-Chen Hsieh (Creator)
  • Shih-Hsin Tu (Contributor)
  • Kai Wen Hsu (Creator)
  • Chun Yu Lin (Creator)



The similarity of human and mouse GUS primer sequences. Human and mouse GUS sequence homolog analysis was performed by multiple sequence alignment of DNA STAR. The red-framed square indicates the forward and reverse sequences of the human GUS primer, and the discontinued red and blue bars represent identical and non-identical sequences, respectively. (PDF 320 kb)
Date made available2019

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