Additional file 11: of Vaginal microbiome variances in sample groups categorized by clinical criteria of bacterial vaginosis

  • Po Ya Chang (Contributor)
  • Chao Liang (Creator)
  • Tzu Ling Yang (Creator)
  • Hui Mei Chen (Creator)
  • Shun Long Weng (Contributor)
  • Feng Mao Lin (Contributor)
  • Ting Yang (Creator)
  • Yeong Nan Cheng (Contributor)
  • Chih Min Chiu (Contributor)
  • Yen Chia Huang (Contributor)
  • Tzu-Hao Chang (Contributor)
  • Yi An Chang (Contributor)



Figure S9. Boxplots of 12 predictive functional categories that differed significantly among Nugent score test groups but not between the Amsel criteria groups (Pâ
Date made available2018

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