Additional file 1: of The anticancer effects of MPT0G211, a novel HDAC6 inhibitor, combined with chemotherapeutic agents in human acute leukemia cells

  • Huang Ju Tu (Contributor)
  • Yi-Jyun Lin (Contributor)
  • Min Wu Chao (Contributor)
  • Ting Yi Sung (Contributor)
  • Yi Wen Wu (Contributor)
  • Yi Ying Chen (Contributor)
  • Mei-Hsiang Lin (Contributor)
  • Jing-Ping Liou (Contributor)
  • Shiow-Lin Pan (Contributor)
  • Chia Ron Yang (Contributor)



Figure S1. The combination effect of MPT0G211 and chemotherapeutic agent on acute leukemia cell lines. (A) The viability of cells treated with MPT0G211 and different doses of doxorubicin (DOXO) or vincristine (VCR) for 48 h was tested on CCRF-CEM and MV4-11 cell lines. The synergistic effects of these drugs were evaluated using the combination index (CI), with values of > 1.0, 1.0, and
Date made availableDec 29 2018
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