Additional file 1: of Targeting the SPOCK1-snail/slug axis-mediated epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition by apigenin contributes to repression of prostate cancer metastasis



Figure S1. Wound-healing assay of apigenin (API)-treated DU145 prostate cancer cells. Figure S2. Migration and Matrigel invasion assay of DU145 cells using a Transwell system. Figure S3. SPOCK1 is critical for apigenin (API)-modulated invasiveness of prostate cancer cells. Figure S4. Akt is a downstream regulator of SPOCK1 to regulate Snail family expression in apigenin (API)-treated prostate cancer cells. Table S1. Normalization of wound healing, cell invasion and migration to cell viability under API treatment. (DOCX 1043 kb)
Date made available2019

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