Additional file 1 of Characterization of TMAO productivity from carnitine challenge facilitates personalized nutrition and microbiome signatures discovery

  • Hsien Li Kao (Contributor)
  • Cheng Chih Hsu (Contributor)
  • Sen Lin Tang (Creator)
  • Suraphan Panyod (Contributor)
  • Y. H. Chen (Contributor)
  • Chieh Chang Chen (Contributor)
  • Yi Chia Lee (Contributor)
  • Angela Yu-Chen Lin (Creator)
  • Yu-Wei Wu (Creator)
  • Ching-Hu Chung (Contributor)
  • Wei-Kai Wu (Creator)
  • Hsin-Bai Zou (Contributor)
  • Ching Hua Kuo (Creator)
  • Ming Shiang Wu (Creator)
  • Po Yu Liu (Contributor)
  • Lee Yan Sheen (Contributor)
  • Han Chun Kuo (Creator)
  • Jin Town Wang (Contributor)
  • Tina H. T. Chiu (Creator)
  • Alexander N. Orekhov (Creator)
  • Ben Yang Liao (Contributor)
  • Hsiao Li Chuang (Contributor)



Additional file 1:. Tables S1-S2 and Figures S1-S12
Date made available2020

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